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Low Pressure Calibration Pump

Approx Price: Rs 1.15 Lakh / Set 
  • Dwyer Low Pressure Calibration Pump for calibrating Low Pressure Gages and Transmitters.
    It is used for calibrating pressure transducers, precision pressure gages and other pressure instruments.

  • The hand pump possesses a pressure range of +/- 5.8 psi
  • Portable
  • Pressure resolution: 0.01 Pa, 0.0001 mbar
  • Heat insulation and heat preservation, no negative side effects from temperature ranges.
  • Open structure for convinient maintenance of pumps.
  • Easy to operate
  • Great seal performance: minimum leakage

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: LPCP

Model A-525 Psychrometer

Model A-525 Psychrometer & Slide Charts can be used to measure relative humidity by measuring the dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures. Wet bulb temperatures are measured by wetting a wick with distilled water on one of the thermometer legs of the psychrometer. On the other leg, the dry bulb temperature is measured. An included slide chart eliminates the need to use of graphs to determine the humidity. Replacement wicks are available as an accessory. Each sling psychrometer includes psychrometric graphs, psychormetric slide chart, and a carrying case

Calibration Pressure Pump

Approx Price: Rs 30,500 / Piece 
Calibration pressure pump is light weight yet high quality combined pressure and vacuum hand pump.
It has been designed to provide maximum pneumatic pressures efficiently and effortlessly.

  • Pressures upto 600 psi
  • Vacuum to 28.5 inHg
  • Dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum
  • Built in fine adjust vernier
  • Needle valve provides controlled pressure release
  • Selector valve for vacuum or pressure generation
  • Adjustable stroke

Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump

Product Details:
  • Brand: A L M Engineering, A L M Engineering
  • Model: Any
  • Max Flow Rate: Customized

Dwyer Hydraulic Calibration Hand Pump generates pressure upto 10000 psi (700 bar)

It utilizes a fully adjustable stroke control that allows for quick priming, easy pumping and fast pressure generation.
The ergonomically engineered handles provide extra comfort, while the triple filtration system ensures pump operation in spite of dirty conditions.

  • Oversized check valve maintain smooth operation.
  • Shattereproof reservoir and stainless steel construction guarantee no leaks.

  • Instrument calibration
  • Laboratories
  • Production areas

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: HHP-HCHP

Digital Psychrometer

Approx Price: Rs 14,500 / Unit(S) 
We are dedicatedly engaged in offering a commendable range of Psyclone Thermo Hygrometer. Besides being manufactured from high-grade raw-material and latest technology, the offered hygrometer is inspected properly by expert professionals. Owing to features like durability and sturdiness, the offered hygrometer is exceptionally valued by our precious clients. The offered hygrometer is available with us in various specifications at affordable price.Features: Sturdy structure Durability Low maintenance

Handheld Thermo Hygrometer

Approx Price: Rs 14,500 / Piece 
Psyclone Protimeter Thermo-Hygrometer is a highly durable and functional hand held thermo-hygrometer designed to measure relative humidity and temperature in a wide range of environments and applications.

It measures variety of parameters:
  • Percent relative humidity (%RH)
  • Temperature (deg C or deg F)
  • Grains per pound (GPP)
  • Gram/kilograms (g/kg)
  • Dew point temperature ( deg C or deg F)
  • British thermal  units/pound (BTU/lb)
  • Wet bulb temperature (deg C or deg F)
  • Parts per million by weight (ppmw)
  • Kilocalorie/kilogram (Kcal/kg)
  • Surface temperature (deg C or deg F)
  • Surface proximity to dew point (deg C or deg F)
  • Fast response saves time when making multiple measurements in changing environments.
  • High accuracy across range provides reliable measurements in changing environmental conditions.
  • Long lasting calibration reduces downtime and maintenance cost.
  • Multiple automatic psychrometric calculations eliminate tedious chart lookups, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Large backlit LCD display for easy viewing.
  • Durable design 
  • Two year warranty
  • Disaster restoration
  • Indoor air quality
  • HVAC -efficiency monitor
  • Environmental monitoring

Thermo- Anemometer

Approx Price: Rs 1.25 Lakh / Unit 
  • Dwyer Universal Handheld test Instrument combines versatile UHH handheld base with various ompatible probes and modules.
  • UHH measures Differential Pressure, Air Velocity, Volume Flow, Relative Humidity and Temperature using wired and wireless probe.
  • These wireless Probes/Modules can be connected to your mobile Phones & Tablets which convert your smart devices into Manometer, Thermo-Anemometer & Thermo-Hygrometer.
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